HyperSension project

In the HyperSension project we will develop a blood pressure monitor that will allow for continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. The project is being launched in May and is expected to last 4 years.

Raised blood pressure is a condition affecting 1.5 million Norwegians, and is the most important risk factor for early death. The condition causes approx. 12.8% of all deaths. Better monitoring of BP and its variations is a key action in order to identify and help individuals at risk.

However, state-of-the-art BP measurements are unsatisfactory as they are limited to intermittent measurements (3-4 per hour). The inflatable cuff around the upper arm may cause stress and pain, which thereby introduces error in the measurements. It is often necessary measure BP over a period of time, and the patients' BP must be measured at home. Today's equipment disturbs and limits normal daily life. When used during the night, it often leads to interrupted sleep, which may in turn result in improper measurement of blood pressure.

Product with great potential

Clinical professionals confirm that the product has a large market potential, both for medical offices and hospitals. Compared with today's blood pressure gauges, it is far more user-friendly and it can also be used in research of various heart disease, as it provides continuous measurement and ability for thorough analysis / understanding of diseases with difficult regulated blood pressure.

Wrapping up

The technology company Datek Wireless AS is the project owner of HyperSension. The project also consists of Sintef, a leader in sensor development and research, OUS (Oslo University Hospital), a world leader in blood pressure research and an exciting medical professional environment in Sandefjord Helsepark.

The first phase of the project will be to develop a prototype. Then the project will start user tests and research together with the academic community in the project.